Upon receiving the final creative direction for the three chosen images, I would need detailed descriptions of soldiers' wardrobes, specific weapons, and/or vehicles, and the types of locations desired. 
  • If a photoshoot is necessary, hire one to two models and acquire as much of the wardrobe as possible to get a base for our soldiers. I would most likely shoot in 8k video footage so that photo assets could be used in film and still imagery. Upon completion of the shoot, I would 3D object track the weapons and/or gear that we were not able to physically photograph and composite onto our soldier photography. 
  • Begin to build and/or purchase the required 3D assets for each of the images, including, landscape items, vehicles, weapons, wardrobe, accessories, etc.
  • After completion of 3D asset creation and acquisition, I would build-out initial scenes with 3D assets, photography (if necessary), dramatic lighting, atmosphere, etc for the first round of review. 
  • Because compositions are 3d, this will allow for quick iteration, revisions, and the potential for motion graphics. Posing, positioning, lighting, mood, and atmosphere are all completely art directable because of the way I build my imagery. 
  • Apply feedback to the final artwork and deliver a digital download for each of the three images.

Please see links and sample imagery to better understand my creative process. Thank you!

Art samples

many of these samples have multiple images as well as VFX breakdowns if you click on them

VFX breakdown videos

a visual walkthrough of my art process